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rain returns to the bay area. and have you made your new year's plans yet? we are live tonight with the prep raeugs already underway. -- preparations already under way it is friday, december 28th, i'm ken wayne in for gasia. this is bay area news at 7:00. new developments regarding the fiscal cliff. president barack obama said he is quote modestly optimistic. the the 7a at is now taking the lead while house leader john boehner is taking a backseat. >> reporter: urging leaders to do their job. >> if an agreement is not reached in time between senator reid and senator mccolen, i
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will urge senator reid to bring in a package for an up and down vote. one that protects the middle class from a tax hike. >> reporter: following the high stakes meeting on friday, senate appears to be poise. >> we will work hard to see if we can get there in the next 24 hours. i am hopeful and optimistic. >> i will do everything that i can. i am confident senator will do the same. but everybody, whatever we come up with will be imperfect. some people aren't going to like it. some people will like it less but that is where we are. >> reporter: accept at majority leader reid called senate not to meet on saturday while leaders negotiate. boehner said he will not bring anything in the house unless it passes senate. if it fails to pass, every american will see a tax rate increase and unemployment
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benefits will go away. >> ordinary people do their jobs, meet deadlines, they sit down and discuss things and then things happen. if there are disagreements they sort through the disagreements. the in addition that our elected leadership can not do the same thing is mind boggling to them. and it needs to stop. >> reporter: in washington,. on wall street, stocks went lower for a 5th day. the dow industrials fell 128 points closing below 13,000, the nasdaq was 25 points lowerrism the price of milk could double if congress and the president -- the -- lower. the price of milk could double if congress and the president do not get it passed. making it it $6 to $8. wheat and corn would not be effected until the spring growing season but those crops face similar issues. amazon says it it had a green christmas. the retailer said holiday sales were the biggest ever.
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amazon said they had several record-setting days including cybermonday when customers ordered 26.5 million products. ins is tagram lost a quarter of the daily use ers. facebook -- users. base book -- facebook bought it last year. it is now the law in russia, u.s. families are no longer allowed to adopt russian children. the law was signed into law today. it is in retaliation of u.s. law for human right abusers there. a crushing blow for would-be parents here. a hopeful mom spoke about the 3- year-old she is waiting for. >> i love my daughter very much. i miss her. so i want to be reunited with her. and i want to bring her home. >> adoption agencies are
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protesting the ban in hopes adoptions in progress may go forward. >> reporter: come january 1st, new state law expected to make it easier for women to use sperm donors to get pregnant. it was crafted with single women and same sex couples in mind. it will allow them to wave strict federal testing restrictions when receiving sperm from a known donor. critics argued that the current rules discriminate against woman who do not have intimate male partners. a bay area lawmaker is trying to stop drunk drivers from repeating their mistakes. a tougher law introduced had this afternoon would require ignition locks. >> one drink or two drinks for some people you can not drive. >> reporter: at pyramid all terptives we sat in on a mandatory treatment session for men arrested for driving under the influence. some are repeat offenders. >> today i introduce senate bill 55. >> jerry hill introduced a bill
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that would require drivers convicted of a second dui offense to install an ignition device on their car for one year. the iid would prevent the car from start figure if there is alcohol on the driver's breath. >> we tried increasing fines, we tried to revoke licenses to detour those chronic offenders. we need to do more to save lives. >> reporter: according to the recent statistics drunk driving killed 1200 californiaianss in 2009. those arrested for driving under the influence 30% were repeat offenders. >> a chronic condition that makes them to make poor judgment calls and a lot of times they result in tragic events. >> reporter: overseeing the treatment of thousands arrested for driving drunk. the spweul is well intentioned.
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>> they are considered multiple offenders. >> reporter: chp and the ntsb support the use of iids and statistics show they do work. most of the men undergoing dui treatments told us they are hit- or-miss. and that the key to stopping them from driving drunk may be to address why they chose to do so in the first place. back to you. first sunday of the new year marks the end of an era in san francisco. no more free parking. all meters enforced from noon to 6:00 p.m. paid parking is necessary because commercial districts are now just as busy on sundays as saturdays. meters in tourist areas like fisherman wharf charge 7 days a week. free rides on muni not just today. coming up in 10 minutes the next fare free day plus how muni's growth shaped the cityism the police in oakland are still looking for a man who fled the scene of a fatal
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collision. the 34-year-old, moore, sped off in a bmw after officers pulled him over at 90th and bancroff. he t-boned a car at interstate 580. a female passenger in the lincoln was killed and three others were injured. the police arrested moore but his passenger got away. across oakland, three people were killed in two separate cases early today. two men were fatally shot near downtown. a woman was stabbed to death in an apartment on walnut street. two men were fatally shot. neighbors say they heard arguing at the apartment where the woman was killed. a man with cuts to his hands was detained by the police. meantime, the authorities identified the victims of the double homicide as darryl armstrong and 19-year-old keith davis. both shot several times. oakland police have not made any arrests in this case. oakland has seen 130 homicides this year.
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that is 20 more than last year. it has been chowdy -- cloudy and cold all day long. the temperatures have not moved too much. all day, you can see, a lot of 40s and lower 50s out there. 42 degrees in fairfield. sanfrancisco, at 49. you will notice the radar as well, increase, not all of it is reaching the ground. san jose reporting cloudy skies, a few sprinkles, light showers, moving across the bay out towards part ofs of the east bay. still, a lot of dry conditions out there. it will be changing as we head into the overnight hours and you can not see the coverage once again up in the north bay. a lot of cloud cover, sprinkles, spotty drizzle, rainfall rates continuing to pick up heading into the evening hours. coming up, how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood when a high surf advisory begins and a early look at your new year's eve forecast. december storms boosted the snowpack to 100% of normal. robert honda reports the wet
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weather has local reservoirs filled to the top. >> the reservoir near morgan hill and the reservoir don't need rain to overflow. the santa clara water district is releasing water from the reservoirs to try to prevent flooding. some people today can not believe the sudden change. >> it was very low. and, in these past two storms we had it really rose quickly. it is full. going over the spill way now. >> does it surprise you? >> yes. i am surprised. i am always surprised by how much water comes out of the hills and keeps seeping into the reservoir. >> reporter: the water district does not expect flooding from the up coming rain but cautious any way. >> we did go ahead and notify downstream residents that the reservoir was going to spill because there could be a potential for downstream flooding. >> many hillside and mountain top communities are concern canned about rain and also
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snow. people here along mount hamilton road have seen some snow this past week. but more concerned how snow lovers might react. >> when it snows a lot and everyone comes up from san jose to play in the snow, there is no way to prevent people from accidently, you know, driving off of the road. >> local agents are preparing if it snows, rangers could close the road and cal fire developed a rescue plan in case of the flooding at the reservoir. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. the head of the bay area based rainforest action network has died in a swimming accident. >> it was called an inconvenient truth. now it is an inconvenient reality. sometimes ... >> this activist worked to fight climb at change, protect forests and promote clean
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energy. she drowned. there are plans to hold a public memorial service in san francisco at a date yet to be announced. a wide array of champagne in a small neighborhood store is one sign that new year's eve is almost here. how san diego is getting ready. at muni's 100th an versary, how this tunnel helped reshape a city. plus, late -- anniversary, how this tunnel helped reshape a city. plus, late night accident, we were just told both people died. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. we just learned, two people pulled from the chilly waters from the golden gate bridge have died. the park police tell them they
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are an adult and juvenile, both male. news chopper 2 shot the pictures from the north tower of the bridge 90 minutes ago. the officials tell us they received a call two people were struggling in the water and unable to make it back to shore. they were swept away at the point. rescue boats raced to the site and crews pulled them both from the water. we have a news crew on scene now. we will have more for you tonight on the 10:00 news. san francisco is serving up free fireworks show along with restaurant options. we are live where the best spots to celebrate were scoped out. >> reporter: a big crowd will celebrate here at the hotel. a strong point, it is across the street from the water and the fireworks show. >> reporter: san francisco knows how to celebrate. hundreds of thousands of people come for the free new year's eve fireworks. the restaurant at the hotel has
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a $150 per person party planned. much of it in the tent. >> we will have 300 people on the patio. fireworks are out front. it is a great place to be. >> reporter: at nearby boulevard restaurant, diners can enjoy a prefixed meal. you eat late enough you have a midnight surprise. >> we want to make everyone's nightip credible. we change -- incredible. so we change everything, but everyone is up for it, especially the young cooks. >> reporter: a similar plan at their other restaurant, prospect. if you want to celebrate more economically, plenty of less expensive spots require no reservations. >> normally it is very, very busy. starts early in the day and keeps going until we make everyone leave. >> reporter: be prepared to get here early. >> there is never a cover. it will be packed. >> reporter: looking to celebrate at home? many stores are gearing up to sell cases and cases of champagne. >> all of the holels are busy. everyone is having a party --
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hotels are busy. everyone is having a party. we are excited. >> driving home is an issue on this night. the chp says be prepared. >> have a plan before you get to the party. designate a driver, public transportation. >> reporter: the hotel still has party spaces available as do many other restaurants, bars and hotels. we are live, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the fireworks show that takes place monday at midnight and lasts about 15 minutes. the officials say mass transit is the best way to get there. if you are looking for more new year's eve events around the bay area, go to thousands of football fans are in san francisco for saturday's craft fight hunger bowl. one of a kind bowl game [band
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playing ] >> fans from arizona and naval academy rallied. their ticket price goes to more than just a game. craft donates a meal to the food bank, the glide foundation and saint anthonys. making it the only bowl game out of 35 that is devoted to a cause. >> come to the bowl game you root for your own team and a game. then you find out the sponsor of the game is doing something for the local community, that is huge. >> right now 33,000 tickets have been sold. meaning 100,000 meals donated. a man shot by the mess for allegedly pistol whipping a woman is hospitalized tonight in critical condition. the police say they responded to a 911 call last night at the chevron gas station. officers say when they arrived on the scene they saw the suspect beating the woman. two officers fired their service revolvers, the man has not been identified. the woman was treated at a hospital and released. plans to analyze the
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genetic make-up of newtown gunman lanza, are causing a stir. looking at his dna could reveal a mutation that is responsible for aggressive or violent behavior. others say this is no proof a marker exists and people with similar markers could be segregated. san francisco's railway offered free rides. muni's west growth shaped city neighborhoods. >> reporter: it was surprisingly uncrowded all day. we found tourists, especially gleeful at the free rides. >> i have ridden it one time today. it was free. we went the wrong direction but i guess it does not matter today. >> reporter: the 1years is often little appreciated story
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of reshaping san francisco. nothing more important than the twin peaks tunnel. from market street to the westportal neighborhood. we dug into the archives. a century ago southwest san francisco was virtually all sand dunes. and development required public transit. the longest rail tunnel west of new york city. 2 and a quarter miles. three years to build. this film of real estate promotion from the time, opening in 1918, the mayor drove the first car. he also ended this on once remote ocean beach a village called carville. 2500 people lived in discarded muni cable cars. >> it was kite an artist colony. people like jack london. >> we found one remaining it today on 47th avenue.
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the interior muni car chic. >> go muni! >> reporter: they will offer free rides new year's eve. ktvu channel 2 news. now, to new york city where the police say this video shows a woman running from a subway station after pushing a man off of a platform and into the path of an oncoming train. it happened last night in sunny side, queens. man died. it is the second such incident in recent weeks. the authorities have not identified last night's victim or located the woman who allegedly pushed him. a labor strike that some say could cripple the u.s. economy has been averted for a month. they agreed to a walk out extension. it could of idolled ports that that handles 40% of the cargo. the federal mediator today said he is cautiously optimistic that an agreement could be reached in the next month. preparations for the rose parade. plus, the silver lining in all
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of the storm clouds. part of northern california where white means green. coloring up a booming business. the rain showers will be on the increase this evening. an updated look at live storm tracker 2. the one part of your weekend that will be dry. and when a high surf advisory kicks in across the bay area
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time to check in with mark. >> the storm tracker, nothing extreme just yet. a weak system. a few showers, right now, you can not see, the coverage, i will mention if you see the green not everybody picking it up. not all of it reaching the ground just yet. here it is. sweeping. the bulk of the action is to the south and to the west. we will see the activity moving across the bay. across the bridge. nothing major here. just in the form of a few sprinkles across the bay bridge and up in the north bay, once again, not everybody reaching -- not all of the green hitting groan. rain showers out there. and in the north bay, lake county, there you can pick out white. that is snow. reports of snow up at the
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mountain earlier this afternoon into the evening hours. first thing tomorrow morning scattered showers, widely scattered showers across the region. bundle up out there. the temperatures in the middle 30s and 40s. this is the weather system i am watching. showers tonight, increase, late tonight, pretty much the cool weekend with the temperatures maxing out in the low 50s. with a cold air in place, the snow level coming down 2700 feet. here is the track of the area of low pressure. not making a direct hit here in the bay area. drifting just off shore. but, it moves south for the weekend. as a result most of the weekend should be dry. as far as the surf, high surf advisory kicks in a few hours, it 10:00, lasting until 10:00 on saturday. the waves could be topping 15 feet. here is the forecast model showing you an increase in the rain showers, once again, in the short term, between now and 10:00. especially closer to the 10:00 time frame. then for tomorrow morning, scattered rain showers out
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there. forecast a accumulations, 1 -- accumulations, 1 inch to half an inch of accumulation. the cold air remains in place. the temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the low to middle 50s out there for your saturday. san jose, 53, half-moon bay, 52 degrees, here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. weekend always in view. sunday, dry, we bring in a slight chance of a few showers by monday evening, left over sprinkles by tuesday. >> all right, thank you. fresh snow is bringing a big boom for businesses. >> show of hands, how many of you are coming up from the bay area? >> the customers are from all over. sanfrancisco, san diego, even seattle. these hungry skiers and snowboarders were eating at truckies wagon train coffee shop. with 3-5 more inches of snow people are gearing up. employees at that tahoe day and ski board shop say they fitted hundreds of people with boots today. thank you for trusting k it
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